Safe holidays

Don’t worry … start enjoying your holiday right away, look what we’ve thought of!

The cleanliness of the premises and hygiene have always been a must of the “Promenade”: now more than ever it is right to increase them and introduce new measures to guarantee you a pleasant, relaxing and safe stay … which has been our aim for over 50 years!

Cancellation policy and reservations
The deposit will be fully refunded with cancellation up to 30 days before arrival. From 29 to 10 days in advance, the deposit can be used for future stays with the same characteristics and is to be agreed upon availability. From the 9th day before arrival is therefore considered a punishment. In case of constraints due to Covid or certified positivity, the deposit will be fully refunded.

Sanitation measures in common areas, bars, restaurants

• All staff in the restaurant, breakfast room and bar will have to follow the strictest personal hygiene rules.
• Installation of dispensers with sanitizing solutions in the various common areas (reception, bar room, restaurant room).
• Special attention will be paid to the cleaning and disinfection of common areas (bathrooms, halls, corridors, elevators, …) through the use of special sanitizing products. In particular on objects that are frequently touched, such as: handles, elevator buttons, handrails, switches, etc. cleaning staff will be trained on these guidelines.
• Catering: the table service will continue, we are reorganizing the spaces, which are wider for everyone. Each guest will be assured of the assignment of a table for exclusive use for the duration of the stay.

Many guests already have liked and therefore will be encouraged the opportunity to consume the Beach-Lunch on the sand (for lunch, salads, cold dishes ..), so as not to miss even a minute of the sun, the sea and the “nap” afternoon

• All common areas will be ventilated daily and sanitized by certified equipment.

• Each room, including the air conditioning system, will be delivered upon arrival sanitized by certified machinery.
• Daily room hygiene is ensured through the use of certified sanitizing detergent products, with the use of devices dedicated to each room.
• The handles of the rooms will be sanitized several times daily.

Beach and Beach-Cafe:
• Installation of dispensers with sanitizing solutions
• Spacing umbrellas in such a way as to guarantee serenity and safety.
• Incentive table service and delivery under an umbrella
• Daily sanitization of all equipment with specific certified sanitizer
• Health check for all personnel and use of all personal protective equipment required by law
• Sanitization of the toilet with special sanitizing products

Animation: the animation service will be guaranteed with the related activities always in compliance with current health regulations, with the availability of sanitizing gel.

Health Rules: all staff, management, suppliers will be required to scrupulously observe the official health directives and the respect of all the provisions envisaged for the protection of safety and public health

And above all we count on the collaboration of our kind Guests in order to allow us to offer you an increasingly pleasant and safe place.
We plan to update this internal protocol based on the provisions that will gradually arrive: we will keep you informed through our social channels and website