Frequently asked questions:

  • Why don’t you have a drinks-inclusive formula?
    At the Promenade everything is included: the beach, the car park, the club membership, air-conditioning, wi-fi, a fridge in the room and full board with water and a great deal more. The directly owned and managed equipment and facilities which we provide are practically unique within the tourist offer of the province: we preferred not to load drinks other than water or the cafeteria on to the price list as these are very subjective items, and we felt it was not fair to charge everyone for a few people’s extras. This is the reason we can offer a constantly top-level service at competitive prices.
  • The rooms have different names, but I don’t understand the difference:
    The hotel is on the front, therefore every room boasts a privileged position. We offer these solutions: Evolution and Vision. The Evolution rooms are the brand-new ones, from the first to the fifth floor. They can be overlooking the sea with the pine trees separating the sea view (even though it can be glimpsed…), with sea view or side rooms. The Vision rooms are on the top floor: brand new rooms with a magnificent sea view.
    Then we have the SpaceRooms, our connecting rooms: located on the 5th floor (Evolution) or on the 6th (Vision), although here they are slightly smaller. There are also two SpaceRooms in the Annex, a building next to the Hotel, separated by a road: they are much larger than the ones in the hotel and look over the latter.
    During certain periods we provide the opportunity to choose overlooking the sea, a sea view or a side view at different prices: where this is not envisaged, the Customer can notify us of his/her preferences and, subject to availability, we will be happy to reserve a room with those features.
  • Do children eat with their parents or can they stay with the entertainers for lunch and dinner as well?
    Our customers’ children rightly want to go and play with their friends, but the idea of providing separate meals away from their parents does not make us very happy, as they would end up eating breaded cutlets, pizza and fries. We therefore prefer to offer a fast service at the table, in order that they don’t get bored and to equip the little terrors with cards and pastels to keep them busy. In any case, the stay includes a couple of theme evenings for them, far from the … “oldies”!
  • What is the minimum age to take part in the mini club?
    We have both a mini club and a junior club: however, there isn’t a specific age, as there are two-year old used to creches who fit in perfectly and shy four-year olds that even the most ‘simpatico’ entertainer can’t get involved. Let’s say that there are no problems after the age of 4, below this, the presence of an adult nearby is required.
  • Why is bike hire charged?
    Bike hire costs € 1 per hour, a really low price that ensures access to everyone and at the same time regulates use in order that after the trip, the keys are returned to Reception, giving all the opportunity to access this service. We have many bikes both for children and adults, including with child-seats, in excellent condition thanks to careful maintenance, perfect to enjoy the cycle path which meanders along the coast.
  • Can dogs stay in the hotel?
    Small dogs which do not disturb are welcome at the Promenade: they can stay in the room (the customer must organise room-cleaning with the hotel maid) and stay in the hall and the pine grove. We ask that they should not be taken into the dining hall and the breakfast room. As concerns the beach, Regulations are not clear: small dogs are in any case allowed if on a leash and under the beach umbrella. A small contribution for the additional final room cleaning is required!