Dear Friend,

we think you are the best judges, as you experience the Promenade in all its shapes and styles: we strive to do everything possible in order to offer an attentive and reliable service and the feedback you provide tells us that you greatly appreciate our work. We like to prove ourselves constantly…

We are proud to have obtained the Rina1861 Iso9001 Certification for several years; now there is another objective, an even more ambitious one: you can be certain that everything is carried out in a safe, clean, ordered and methodical manner for your holiday at the Promenade. The right atmosphere? Well that can’t be programmed, that comes from inside…!

Now we would like to introduce a project which we are particularly proud of: the Family Hotel Promenade is a member of Legambiente Turismo for 2023 too, and is officially an eco-friendly hotel.

We believe that even small daily deeds lead to great benefits for the environment and for natural resources: safeguarding the beauty and health of the environment is essential, particularly for a hotel such as ours, whose natural target consists of families with small children.

In addition to the water dispensers that have been used for some time for catering, we have installed a filtered water dispenser that can be used free of charge by customers 24/24! Here’s how to eliminate or at least reduce the use of plastic bottles! Our new bottles in Tritan, an ecological material, are beautiful !!

More specifically, we have undertaken to:

  • produce less waste by taking part in waste sorting,
  • use reusable bottles for drinks and non-polluting detergents and to prefer glass and reusable packaging, in order to reduce wastefulness. We use ecological paper.
  • reduce water consumption and energy consumption for heating water. We have installed flow regulators for showers and taps.
  • save energy: 100% of our lamps are energy-saving and we ask our customers to limit the amount of laundry for washing, particularly in the bathroom.
  • use healthier food;
  • promote local traditions and specialities. We offer typical local dishes prepared with products from our land.
  • reduce noise, complying with municipal regulations.
  • promote our wonderful hinterland, steeped in history, culture, traditions,
  • and much more besides…

..but most of all, to increase our staff and our guests’ awareness in order to help us with this commitment!!

Our pride and joy: 24 solar panels for heating water and the swimming pool!

Here are a few figures…: 24 collectors with a total area of 58 sq. m., installed power: 41kw with savings of around 4600 m3 of gas and the best for last: nearly 9700 kg of co2 emissions avoided!