Culinary delights in the sea-view dining room

Oh yes … what could be nicer than a good plate, sitting in the new dining room and lookong for the waves?

The food is one of the most important qualities of our hotel: the guests will taste our “Abruzzese” and Italian traditional gastronomy… with handmade “pasta”…with the fish of our sea…the wine of our land… with the great starters in buffet, vegetables and salads, and with the other specialities of our free choice menu…but above all, we want to emphasize that most of ingredients are handmade.

The rich breakfast can be eaten in the scent of the pine: sweet and savory, coffee beans … for a great awakening !! Have a nice day and enjoy your meal…

Many guests have already enjoyed the Beach-Lunch on the Sand (@ lunch, salads, cold dishes …) so not to miss even a minute of sun, sea and an afternoon nap.

We suggest you to report the presence of food intolerances in the estimation phase to check their manageability! Given the delicacy of the case, we made the decision not to be able to accommodate the needs of people with food allergies.