Hotel for kids

and not only

Kids are the most important people in the Promenade: for this reason we satisfy them, by offering all the comforts. We give them a welcome gift and let them enjoy without problems: a great and reserved beach with a fine sand while the sea slightly goes away, a kids-playground and the changing top cabin.

Besides in the pinewood there are a lot of coloured games, the new swimming-pool with a specific corner of low water, a well-equipped internal playground fit for children, and above all the miniclub, a great opportunity for playing and making new friendships: all together to win our gadgets.

Into the rooms, you can have all the services:

  • baby-bottle warmers,
  • beds with high sides,
  • protection in each sides,
  • bathing bowls, changing tops;
  • in the restaurant there is a corner where mothers can cook vegetable soup, vegetable broth, homogenized food, milk…etc., and also snack, nutella party, high chairs, coloured cutleries, glasses, tableclothes; besides baby sitter and doctor upon request, a small chemist, bicycles equipped for children, cartoon videotapes and…a lot of happiness!

For the adults, the Promenade and its animation promise not to annoy them: every day and all day long there are various activities such as gymnastics, water gym, sporting matches and evening entertaining where you are the protagonists…

one beatiful present at the arrival! Than… lot of facilities in the restaurant and in the rooms (little beds…) 2 play-grounds outdoor, swimming-pool for baby, our cycles with security baby-seats, play-lounge indoor with toys, colours; animation-team… with lot of fun!!