Dear Friends of the Promenade … we are here for updates on our / your hotel! But we also look forward to “hotel promenade giulianova” Facebook page for the latest, the pictures, the “highlights” of the summer.

March 2021

Like every year, this is the time for the modernization work: the seafront never stops, always a step forward towards continuous improvement, greater efficiency and safety. What did we expect? A new air conditioning system with a new cooler, better fuel consumption with less pollution; new fire alarm system throughout the hotel; new look for the dining room ....

Keep it up …

September 2020: Thanks to all of you !! Tripdadvisors Travelers’ Choice 2020 Winner !!

It was a completely different summer from the others: we adapted, we changed the way we offer holidays, but in the end you rewarded us. They rewarded our stubbornness, our hard work and helped us to respect the rules. Thanks so much!!

January 2019: Travellers’ Choice 2019 Tripadvisor Award Winner

You rewarded us …. it’s all true! We are in the TOP25 hotels for families in Italy by Tripadvisor . It is a prestigious recognition because it certifies your appreciation for our passion. Because hospitality before a job … is just a passion. Go on like this … towards other goals!! #stayconnected


February 2018:

Hello everyone: it’s been a long time since we’ve been working on the Promenade for the summer of 2018! After a pause to recharge the batteries … now we are in full turmoil: the booking office is at full capacity, there will be several “little things” new, both visible and not, all in order to increase efficiency and hospitality. In short … we like to spoil you! One thing that we never mention (for us that we are here … it is obvious but sometimes you can have a distorted view of reality) is … the quality of our sea. We could write many things, put a lot of photos (in fact on FB we do …), we think that the best thing is official data: on the official website of Abruzzo for the quality of bathing water (http: // www. find complete info on the sea, even close to the Promenade! Check it out …. it’s very interesting.

Stay tuned ….. to be continued !!


January 2017:

After the latest events that have badly hit the Abruzzo it seems fair to do some ‘clarity. We receive many calls from customers who ask us what the situation is in Giulianova.

In the coastal area there have been no particular problems, even several people who did not feel calm in their own homes have moved to some structures in Giulianova. This because the coastal area is deemed safe; seismic map of the national territory confirms that our city and neighboring ones are in the yellow zone, of different degrees less dangerous than that of central Italy.

Hotel Promenade has not had any kind of problem, it was built very well and there were no critical.

Obviously we are close to people who are going through difficult times, in our small way we will help them, but we are sure that the best thing is to roll up their sleeves and offer a better service to customers and thanks to them that will be in Abruzzo, contribute to ‘ economy of this beautiful region, rich in goodness